Massage & Your Pet

What is Pet Massage?

Pet Massage is the use of specific strokes and techniques to help pets relax, heal and maintain or improve their current levels of health & well-being. My work is done with your vet’s consent and does not replace veterinary treatment, but is a complementary therapy for the care you already provide your pet.

Who is Pet Massage For?

Pet massage can benefit pets of all ages and activity levels! Puppies, working dogs, sporting dogs, senior and hospice care dogs, and dogs pre and post surgery - massage can help reduce stress, increase flexibility and movement, enhance circulation and natural healing processes, and contributes to the overall ability of the body to function properly.


Many of my clients utilize Pet Massage for things like geriatric care and health maintenance, arthritis & pain management, mobility & gait issues, inflammation reduction, muscle tightness, relaxation and boredom abatement for their pets.


I typically travel to your home for each session as this usually is the most comfortable location for your pet. A session usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. Initial sessions may be shorter, depending on the pet’s acceptance to massage.

11 Benefits of Pet Massage

  1. Reduces stress & relieves anxiety
  2. Monitors for potential health issues
  3. Improves respiration
  4. Lowers blood pressure & improves circulation
  5. Reduces inflammation & swelling in joints caused by arthritis
  6. Improves muscle memory & posture
  7. Relaxes intestinal muscles while improving digestion & appetite
  8. Improves range of motion & flexibility
  9. Releases endorphins & relieves pain
  10. Enhances acceptance of touch & trust in people
  11. Improves coat shine, skin tone & elasticity

If you'd like to talk about how your pet could benefit from massage, please give me a call or send me a message through my Contact me page.