Here's what some happy pet owners have to say about Curly Tail Pet Massage

  • "Daisy had a rough start as a puppy, and although she is a happy and well-loved 8 year old now, old injuries from abuse hamper her quality of life. She often gets sore and doesn't sleep well. We started looking for alternative ways to help manage her pain, and we found Kim! After each visit, Daisy sleeps like a rock, and her gait is more spry. We want Daisy's golden years to be comfortable and pain free, and Kim is a huge asset in making sure Daisy can continue to thrive. Thanks, Kim, for all you do for our girl!"

    - Sydney E.

  • "Kim is amazing! My boys look so forward to their massages. The difference in how they feel afterwards is truly remarkable. I know a lot of vets push laser therapy but the massages seem to work better. It's truly wonderful to have someone come to you and not to mention the dogs are in the comfort of their environment versus the stress of the vet office."

    - Eileen K.

  • "Kim was very sweet and patient with my very high energy 10 month old Shetland Sheepdog and 8 month old Mini American Shepherd girls! The Sheltie is good with anyone that will hold still long enough to pet her, but has been having what appears to be some nerve issues starting in the middle of her spine and radiating backward. This has made her lick her back feet incessantly after walks and runs. The Mini Aussie is extremely fearful of strangers (and my husband...) which is part of why I asked Kim for help in the first place! The Mini watched her work on the Sheltie and gradually got braver and braver; she finally decided that Kim was safe to pet her and gradually started leaning into her and relaxing while she was being massaged! As a professional trainer, I can see how well she was able to interpret both of their body language. I also find that massage is a vital part of helping fearful and reactive dogs to cope within their environment!"

    - Cati Foss, Owner/ Trainer/ Nutritionist at Arnicadia Dog Training

  • "I've always used 'alternative' health care for my own well being.....so when my eldest pug started showing signs of discomfort, I started taking her to a canine chiropractor and also started massage with Kim. It was great that we were able to quickly set an appointment and I had all the documents I needed to get approval from our vet for my little girl's care. One thing I really liked, is that the massage could be done at the house. Now, my old lady had always been pretty 'independent' and would let you pet or touch her when she was ready. It took her a while to let them massage her, but you could tell how comfortable she was with the therapist and eventually, with being touched. I could certainly tell that she was feeling much better and I'm thankful for the session, though we lost our gal not too long after we started....but I know that during her last few weeks she was comfortable and still very happy."

    - Brian T.

  • "Kim is professional and reliable, offering a convenient and hard-to-find service. Our dog Inky enjoys her visits and is regaining her mobility and quality of life from the treatments."

    - Michelle J.